Internal Site Privacy Policy

This applies to registered site members only.


Users who wish to contact the site for any reason regarding the privacy policy or concerns about its application can contact the site owner, Reid Barden, at the contact information given on the internal roster page. If you do not have access to the roster page, you are not a registered member of the site and this privacy policy does not apply to you.

Information Collection

Registration for this is done by an administrator who will collect information however they see fit. This site collects the following information for registration: full name, phone number, employer, emergency contact name and phone number, birthday, email address, and any other additional information you wish to provide in the notes section.

We collect your responses to gig requests which includes yes/no, notes, and which instrument you will be playing.

Administrators may collect attendance information at rehearsals or official gigs which includes present/not present and a reason which is attached to a specific date and rehearsal/gig.

We use your name only to record band equipment that you may own.

Information Use

We collect this information to keep an accurate roster of band members and to hold accountable members to the expectations of the band. We also use it to send you information about gig requests which is a fundamental purpose of the site.

We never give any information out to anyone outside of the already registered members of the group for any reason unless required to do so by law.

Information Updates

Any of the information can be updated at the user's convenience by logging in, going to "roster", and clicking "edit" next to their information.


The site uses cookies to keep track of you while you're on the site. This is a critical functionality since without the cookies, you cannot stay logged in more than one page at a time, nor will some information be displayed to you since the site won't know who you are.